About Isola Bella

King Ferdinand I of Bourbon donated “Isola Bella” to the Municipality of Taormina in 1806; subsequently it was bought by Miss Travelyan, who it introduced the first exotic trees and shrubs, which are still an integral part of the island’s greenery today. In the years in which it was inhabited, the island became a meeting place for artists, entrepreneurs and ship owners. Today Isola Bella is the property of the Sicilian Regional Authority. Isola Bella is known throughout the world as the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. It is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand, the shape of which is continuously modelled by the sea’s currents and tides.
spectacular view of Isola Bella
Cohen Hostel in Taormina overlooks the beach of Isola Bella, a beautiful area bordered by an extraordinary sea, from which you can quickly reach the historic center of Taormina by taking the funicular. The station is just 20 meters from the hotel.
The hostel is in an convenient location for getting to the ‘Taormina – Giardini Naxos’ train station and the main roads, well served by shuttle buses from the Catania Airport.
The hostel is within easy walking distance of the coast of Isola Bella, perfect for a vacation on clean beaches, where you can explore the beautiful coast and book a visit to the Blue Grotto or the small but charming Isola Bella.

The Hostel is just a few minutes from the historic center of Taormina, rich with restaurants, antique stores and the beautiful shops.

In the surrounding area, you must not miss a visit to the foot of Mount Etna, the enchanting Sanctuary of Madonna della Rocca or Castelmolla, a true medieval village that leaves every visitor speechless.

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