About Taormina

TeatroGreko (1 di 1)Taormina is known in Sicily and the world as a fascinating and charming place, dominated by the volcano Etna, and enhanced by the splendid Greek Theater, an ancient and prestigious monument which host concerts and international events such as the Taormina Arte festival.
sola Bella
Taormina wouldn’t be Taormina without its sea. Immediately deep with intense blue tones that precede breathtaking backdrops, and caves so beautiful that words can’t describe them. Directly in front of the Panoramic Hotel stands Isola Bella, a WWF Reserve, known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, a magical place where you will find seabirds and multicolored fish, enjoying the exhilarating beach life.
overlooking the sea, perfect for a romantic, charming vacation, in the enchanting setting of Taormina and the Ionian Sea.
you will be stunned by the breathtaking view of the bay of Isola Bella
with a spectacular view facing Isola Bella
The pictoresque “Isola Bella” bay, with its peculiar little island at the center, is linked to the beach by a tiny sandy path, and it can be seen by the balconies and terraces of the Hotel.
Directly on the beach, just a few steps from the cable car going to the historic town centre of Taormina, from any spot inside the Plage Resort and its beach, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the bay of Isola Bella.
Taormina is one of the best-known tourist locations in Sicily and in the Mediterranean and the destination of cultural events that make Taormina a starting point from which you can visit other Sicilian tourist locations. With thousands of years of history, traces of past civilizations, its monuments and the sea, Taormina it ideal in every season, both for lovers of a peaceful holiday in contact with nature and also those who desire a holiday loaded with excitement and encounters

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